How to Start Seeing Results in Your Business in 24 Hours or Less!

Hey there!


It’s Doug Broadbent here…


…and I know it’s been some time since I’ve

blogged on here!


The truth is good content and creativity comes in

“ups” and “downs”….


…and it’s one of life’s challenges to begin

to regulate or actually increase the amount

of creativity we have, and are able to actually

publicize to the world that is valuable to

the world. πŸ™‚


But today is one of those days that I’m just

feeling like I have a message for you today.


If you’re following me on ANY channel…

… that means one thing:


You want more success. πŸ™‚


I’m so glad I get to connect and publish to

an audience so darn awesome like your guys

and gals! You’re the best people I could ever

ask to associate with, and I’ll be here for a long

long time, because people who want more

from their lives are just amazing people!


Now…since you’re here, and your time is

valuable… same as mine…


… I’m going to PROVIDE VALUE to you in this

post so you WILL walk away with something

to use in your business to get BETTER

results. I know that’s a big promise.


Here we go!


So we are here to actually help you get

results or in other words… SALES…

…in your business more often, and more

rapidly than ever before. Badass, and actually

simpler than you might think!


Here’s how I’ve been getting a constant stream

of subscribers, followers, and fans of my

content online:



1. Create Quality Content.


-This means actually full of value.

-Additionally this means you need to be

somewhat entertaining to obtain, and hold

attention to deliver that value!



2. Marketing That Content.


-I mean actually marketing, not just acting

it out like most people. Yes, you gotta grind

in the beginning… but eventually you won’t

have to “grind” as much.



3. Use Social Media Tools and outlets forΒ 

content to flow to interested readers/watchers.


-Facebook -Twitter -Google+ -Instagram

-Pinterest -Etc

Those are all outlets I use extensively to get

my content out to the world. πŸ™‚ They work.

They require consistency and patience…

…especially in the beginning.


4. Use Marketing Systems to Capture Leads

-All of your marketing efforts are useless (or near that)

if you aren’t capturing leads to turn them into sales.



So make sure you use links to your capture pages

in order to capture those followers and turn them

into leads! I use getresponse for a lead capturing

system… I won’t get into that now… but you get

the point. πŸ™‚


5. Rinse and Repeat!


-You’ve GOT TO BE WILLING to do this over and over

again, trust me. In this world of millions of content

creators, it’s not that easy. It’s simple.. but not “easy”.

You must be willing to produce content over and over

and over again!


I’m going to let you work out the details on how you

want to implement this strategy… but it’s quite simple.

You MUST capture the leads, remember that. πŸ™‚


I’ve got 50+ leads and I’ve been quite inconsistent

in this strategy, which I’m kicking myself for! πŸ˜€


It STILL WORKS, and it works even better when

you do it consistently.. and become the go-to

source of info and training for people.


They will start asking where the darn join link

is!* Β  (*Results not typical)


Would you want to pay a trainer who is at the gym

half the time you are? OF course NOT!


Ok… well people are looking to join someone in mlm

or network marketing who is CONSISTENT.


They gotta have a trainer or coach or mentor who is

going to be pumping out content consistently!


They want to know that you have what it takes

to show them the way to success in what ever

business they are in. If you do… they will just as

soon join your business, because they want to

work with YOU, because you are their celebrity

and mentor now. πŸ™‚


I hope this helps you… the biggest thing I can tell

you is to TAKE ACTION if you want RESULTS.


Thanks for coming and reading this short

and sweet post, I know this will help you if you

implement and take action!


Talk Soon,



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Are you READY for SUCCESS?!

Hey everyone,


It’s Doug here again…

And I have a question for you.


Are you READY for success?!


Most will answer an emphatic “Yes” to that

question… but here’s the cold hard truth:


Most Are NOT READY for success and wealth.


It’s a tough one to swallow, and your ego is

going to scream at you as you consider this

question… because it’s important.


Let me break down what being “ready” for

success really means:


-Are you maximizing the proper money

management practices with the money

that you have right now?


-Will more money drive you deeper into

any addictions you have? Or will it power you

to grow your freedom?


-Do you actually know what you want to do

when you have ALL of the money and wealth

you desire?


-Is your life’s trajectory or direction set to continue

taking you where you want to go?


Here’s a tough truth that most entrepreneurs

can’t face to think about and ponder on:


More MONEY can actually be a PROBLEM.


…ONLY if you aren’t really ready, and your

capacity to respect, appreciate, and

wisely manage and grow that money.




If you need to, write down those questions…

… and ask them of yourself each day…


…and don’t stop until you actually like the

answers to those questions.


Become the type of person you will LOVE

to enjoy an abundance of money with!


Here’s the crazy thing about this exercise..


…once you start to really work on making

your life a life you love living…


…money can start to flow, and actually STAY

with you and around you in harmony.


Make your answers become ones you love.


So I hope this helps you get your thinking

straight about gaining success, and what

you really want to do with your life. πŸ™‚


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of freedom that you’ve always wanted…

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See you in the next video.


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Perfection vs Production: How to Get More Results!

Hey everybody!


Hope your having a crazy awesome day!

I’ll be quick here…


… but I got a really powerful message for you

to benefit from and profit from.


Stop everything and watch this video now:


So… you watched it right?


If not… watch it, it’s short, AND it is powerful.


If you watched it…


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Talk Soon,


Doug Broadbent









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Eat that FROG: How to Make a DECISION!

Hey there,

How many of you have every heard of that phrase?

“Eat that Frog!”

It basically means to make the toughest decisions

first and quickly so they don’t get harder to make.

Today, we’re going to talk about making tough

decisions. Read this all the way to the end or at

least watch the video all the way through.

If you are reading this it’s worth your time. πŸ™‚

Ok, let’s get started.


Hey there,

It’s Doug here.


And we are going to get right into how YOU

are going to be making the toughest decisions

that you need to make in order to truly live the

life that you deserve, on your terms.


Here’s what you need to ask yourself RIGHT NOW.


-Why am I hesitating?

-What makes this decision difficult?

-Is there ANY advantage, in any circumstance,
to hold off any longer?

Answer those questions, at least in your head if

not on paper as well so you’re CLEAR on what’s

causing this issue, and it’s complexities.


Now that you know what you’re dealing with…

…let’s DECIDE.


Here’s the questions to ask to DECIDE:


-Which is the better choice?

-Who does this affect?

-Who do I want in my life the most?


Got it? Cool.


Here’s the reality…

…90% of decisions actually involve hurting at least

one person’s feelings. That’s it.


You’re running this silly equation in your head

about who is more valuable or important in your life…


Your Wife? or Your Boss?

Your Job? or Your Freedom?

Looking Cool? or Your Investments?

Your Addicting Buzz? or Your Health?


The #1 criteria I recommend you APPLY to making

these decisions is this:




Yep. Which choices are going to bring long-term



Look, LIFE IS SHORT. But what this ACTUALLY

means is that you need to make the right decisions!


NOT “live it up hollywood style”….

NOT “party tonight, regret it tomorrow”…

NOT “sacrifice substance for sexiness”.

All of those decisions SUCK in the long term.


You might be asking “Should I start a business?”


Well here’s the truth… if you don’t have a career

that is rock solid, and going to support you and

your family as well as consistently provide an

opportunity for you to grow, and earn more…

… I’d say YES.


You can actually start a business PART TIME.


So here we are again.


Easy going lifestyle right now…

…and long term loss of profits and slow deterioration

of your skill-set and development…




…Challenging and Difficult right now…

… and then FREEDOM for the rest of your life?

(as well as a constantly growing income andΒ 



These are decisions, although it seems obvious

which ones you “Should” choose…


… you keep choosing the easy route. 😦


So you actually WANT to change.

You actually want to DECIDE to change.

You GOTTA do it.


Here’s the secret sauce that I’ve found to propel

you into change and to DECIDE:


Force yourself into ACTION.


Here’s why it will be “force” at the beginning:

Because it’s uncomfortable.


How do you “Start” working out or exercising?


Here’s HOW:


FORCE yourself to pick up that friggin’Β dumbbell and PUSH it above your head. That’s HOW.


You need further instructions? Ok, here’s something

to try if you really need more “Instructions”…





Ok, awesome, I’m glad you got it.


I can’t make a decision for your life.


NOBODY except YOU can make a DECISION forΒ 

your life, that’s it, PERIOD.


-Start that “uncomfortable break-up converstation.”

-Call your daughter or son who you had some big differences with. Get them on the phone.

-Grab your keys, walk out the door, and DRIVE your sweet butt to the GYM and DECIDE you’re not going to be the fat person anymore. Walk up the the weight rack and pick up that 15 pound weight and PUSH.

-Click that button that says “Process Order” on the page, and DECIDE you ARE starting a business.




Do what is going to be right for YOU…

… in the LONG-TERM of your life.


That’s the right DECISION.

You can’t go wrong with that.



…You gotta “EAT THAT FROG!!”


You’re awesome.

You can do it.

You must do it NOW.


I love ya’ll…


…I believe in YOU.


Make that DECISION today..


and I’ll talk to you soon,



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How to BELIEVE in Your Business Again!

Hey everyone,

I just shot this video on how to BELIEVE in your

business again, no matter what you’re doing!

Let’s get right to it!



A few months ago…

…I was struggling and loosing belief in my business.


I hadn’t seen results. I hadn’t felt the emotional

reward of seeing SOMETHING happening.


I had to make a DECISION.


And I did!


I decided I wasn’t going to quit. That’s it!


So I kept trying…

… and before I knew it…


… there’s a NEW SUBSCRIBER!


At that point, I said I’m NEVER stopping this.


So, how can you really begin to BELIEVE

in your business again?




“Take MASSIVE Action ASAP.”


You’ll start to feel the INVESTMENT that You’ve

been making into your business…

… and that will actually BUILD BELIEF.


Watch the video now. πŸ™‚


I’ll talk to you soon,



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How to Get 3X More Social Media Followers Starting Now!

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great day today… and I hope you’re ready to get crazy because today we are going to get right in to the subject of getting more social media followers… and it’s going to SHOCK you how simple it actually is. Ready? Ok…here we go!



So, you might be wondering….

… what kind of results are you getting?


Well here’s some basic stats and all of these

followers were created PART-TIME and I’ve

really not worked hard for these.

Just simple stuff, really πŸ™‚


Facebook Profile:

fb friends shot


Facebook Group I Own:

fb group results


And Twitter Profile:


Twitter results




instagram results



So… you get the idea…


…I’ve been able to create around 1,000 collective

followers all part-time with the strategies that

I’m going to show you!


I have no doubt you can DOUBLE the production

especially is you’re in this business full time.


Here’s the simple strategy:


1. Create Blog Content

-Always value based, never to just promote.

Promotion will come soon enough. This is all

a process of building up good will and trust.


2. Share to Facebook.

-It’s really simple, share your link to your new

blog post of facebook. If you’re brave, share

it as much as possible! On your personal profile

as well as in groups and pages.


3. Share to Twitter.

-Simple as the last step… just get a link

and share to twitter! Also follow as many people

in your niche as possible. Many will follow back!


4. Share to Google Plus.

-Same basic process… if you also use a screenshot

or preview pic of your post it will increase visibility

in the news feed.


5. Share Preview Pic to Instagram.

-Instagram is all about pictures. In fact, that

and video are the only forms of content that

drive instagram. Remember to link back to

your blog!


6. Create video and Share to Youtube

-Take the content that you created and turn

it into a video. Don’t be shy, just be real.

Now you can also share your video the same

way you did the blog post! Remember to subscribe

to related channels, you’ll get sub-backs.


7. Make Sure Every Post and Video HasΒ 

Your Link Included in Them.


-Your link must be to your own landing page

to build your email list. This is really the only

way you want to go with this kind of marketing.


So I hope your wrote that down.


You are more than welcome to use this post

and repost it, pin it on your wall… what ever

you want to do with it.


Just make sure you implement!


Successful people always implement powerful

information once they find it… that’s why they

are successful. πŸ™‚


So make sure you get right on it!


Go start blogging, and shoot your video today!


This will begin building your list and getting leads…


… and then sales.


Your welcome! πŸ™‚


Talk Soon,



P.S. – I’m starting a team of marketers that are

determined to get to 10k/Month ASAP. I have only

got 10 spots remaining for people who want access

to me and want to get to 10k/Month as quickly as

humanly possible.


Get in Now.


Here’s the link:


I’ll see you on the inside.



Empower Network IMPACT Event: Update Day 3

Hey there,


This is going to be really short and sweet

but I just got back from the IMPACT Event

that Empower Network hosted in Charlotte, NC.


There was so much that went on and that

I was able to learn and experience, but

right now, I just wanted to quickly upload

this video I shot a couple days ago, so you

can see and feel an idea of how it was for me.


Here’s the video, just click play and watch it

to the end.



Pretty cool huh?


Charlotte was absolutely amazing and one of the

most beautiful places I’ve ever been. πŸ™‚


Stay tuned, because the real stuff is coming

in the next couple days. We’re talking about

the ninja tactics and strategies that have been

getting leads for TOP earners in the company.


Talk Soon,